Tim Nederveen

Software Developer & MSc. Student Software Engineering

With a background in Computer Science, I'm currently finishing my MSc. Software Engineering at the University of Amsterdam. Besides my studies I've had the chance to explore multiple areas of the industry, such as backend systems, machine learning, and full stack web development.

Past work includes working on Yonomi's serverless backend for IoT in Austin Texas, performing research at Amazon into machine learning for analyzing user patterns from terabytes of log data, and working on software projects for interesting clients at Deloitte Consulting's Digital Engineering department. I started Flow ICT to provide professional software development and consultancy, via which I've built solutions for clients both in the Netherlands and the U.S. Passionate about undertaking new challenges, and particularly interested in the intersection of machine learning and software engineering.

This site is mainly used to display some personal projects. Feel free to contact me at tim.nederveen@hotmail.com, visit my LinkedIn profile, or check out my Github.