Tim Nederveen

Software Engineer | Director of Engineering @ Bank Novo

Passionate about applying the software engineering toolkit to tackle business problems and building digital products from the ground up. Especially interested in back-end development and (cloud) architecture, but experience across the entire stack.

I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Cum Laude MSc. Software Engineering, and in 2019 moved to New York to join Fintech startup Bank Novo as a software engineer. At Novo I moved on to become Director of Engineering, building out both our product and team as the company more than 20x'ed its customer base.

Past work includes applying machine learning at Amazon Web Services to extract user patterns from terabytes of log data and building out Yonomi's serverless back-end for IoT in Austin Texas. I also co-built digital products with clients through both McKinsey and Deloitte Digital. In 2016 I started Flow Development, via which I've built and consulted on web applications for multiple clients. Always on the lookout for new challenges, and open to connecting about new opportunities.

This page serves mainly to display some personal hobby projects, for a full resume see LinkedIn. Feel free to contact me via mail or check out my Github profile.